30-04-2009 :  i'm starting with a new  Photo  project   issue1  issue2  issue3  

30-04-2009 :  new release:  Kapnos  by   rmeerkat  out now

01-04-2009 :  my music on air by a  russian podcast

27-03-2009 :  Punck + Fennesz Live  at  Transmissions Anno Due

15-03-2009 :  Live set at  Sergola 68 (Esine BS)

14-03-2009 :  Live set at  Galleria Esposta  (Verona)

10-02-2009 :  Interview by Mr Crown on Crownicles,

01-12-2008 :  Piallassa" reviewed on Kathodik , Foxy Digitalis 

22-10-2008 :  Piallassa" reviewed on Rockerilla , Drexkode  and Il Tirreno

06-10-2008 :  Piallassa" reviewed on Blow Up , Sentireascoltare and Komakino

22-09-2008 :  Piallassa" reviewed on Kronic and Mellophonium

16-09-2008 :  Piallassa" reviewed on KindaMuzik

10-09-2008 : Piallassa" reviewed on the Wire issue 296, and i've got  a track on the Wire Tapper cd #20 included with the isuue of the magazine

05-09-2008 :  An article about Boring Machines on line on  FreakOut

03-09-2008 : Piallassa" reviewed on Ondarock, Dagheisha and AudioDrome

17-08-2008 : Piallassa" reviewed on Sodapop, Sands Zine and Vital Weekly

12-07-2008 : My music on air @   Radio Citta Del Capo

04-07-2008 : my new record "piallassa (red desert chronicles)" out now  on Boring Machines Records

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I've got a track  on  the Wire Tapper #20  

track 11: Punck Piallassa (red desert chronicles) (Wire Tapper edit)

Free with The Wire October 2008 issue 296

tapper 20

The Wire Tapper is a unique and ongoing series of CDs that are compiled by The Wire staff and given away to all our subscribers worldwide with selected issues of the magazine.